Kniebrace – knieband – compressieband


  • Elastic crossing straps for enhanced compression and added rotational and collateral ligament support.
  • Independent anti-collision design can effectively slow down and disperse impact force.
  • Engineered top and bottom straps assure personalized fit.
  • Supports the patella.
  • Bound edges prevent irritation.
  • Comfortable, sweat absorbent, and breathable with high elasticity.
  • Fits left or right.




Knee support products are made out of the best possible materials and using the best techniques, meaning that you won’t have to worry about your knee during sports or daily activities. For this reason,this type knee brace has globally been in the limelight for decades, being endorsed by millions of athletes from all levels. Thanks to the low prices, good knee support has been made accessible for everyone. Whether you are a beginning athlete for leisure purposes or a professional athlete who has won gold medals at the Olympics: this knee support is the best knee support for you!

Knee support for running and other types of sports

Our knee support products are all tailored for minimizing pain and maximizing performance in sports. Of course, every sport is different and needs a different approach. Therefore, we have developed knee supports for all types of sports. Also, we have selected some of the essentials for sports such as volleyball, basketball, handball, football and running. This should make finding the perfect knee support for you easy. Still not able to decide which knee support suits you best? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

Compression knee support

One of the major benefits of good knee support is compression. This will help to relieve pain or irritation caused by injury or disease. On top of that, compression knee support strengthens your knee, preventing injuries caused by collision or other dangers during sports or daily activities. This knee support is more than normal knee support: we make sure that you can wear it with great comfort and still look stylish.


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